Yeah, finally before the end of 2018 I managed to lunch my English weblog. so at least I checked one of my todo lists in 2018. I’ll try to post some geeky stuff here, mainly about web development and some DIY hacks maybe. but before everything please remember English is not my native language so be prepared for lot’s of mistakes, But I promise to do my best (or at least always use Grammarly).

If you want to know me better you can find me on Linkedin or my personal website.

I’ll try to keep this blog updated regularly and all your comments will really motivate me. soon I will try to improve the design also a little bit. so till the next post. by the way, you can read 30n30n as SinSin and it’s my childhood nickname.

Ps. this is my first time using this WordPress new editor. guttenberg I think. it seems really designed for content making.

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