Install raspbian without keyboard

Recently I bought a new Rapsberry pie 3 model B+. the first step to use it as a media center is installing Raspbian OS on it. But I don’t have any extra keyboard to connect to it. fortunately to install Raspbian all you need is just a mouse and OS image file on the SD card. but how do we can use our raspberry without extra mouse and keyboard after finishing installation of Raspbian. it’s very simple.

First you need to enable SSH or VNC on Raspbian. because recently this options are not enable by default. just go to Preference > Raspberry pi configuration > interface , and enable SSH or VNC. If you just need to connect to your raspberry pie through command line SSH is enough. if you want to connect to your raspberry pie remotely with graphical user interface then you need to enable VNC.

now you can connect through SSH or VNC with your raspberry IP address. the default username is “pi” and the default password is “raspberry”.

there are plenty of methods to connecting through SSH or VNC for every OS and device. for example for windows, you can use “Putty” for ssh connection and “VNC viewer” for full graphical remote connection.

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