Using spotify on Raspberry pie

Another challenge for using Raspberry pie as a media center is listening to music on it. there is no doubt that Spotify is one of the best one out there. so how do we can listen to Spotify on our Raspbian powered media center? definitely, you can install Spotify program on your Linux or you can use the web version. but I was looking for a much more remote solution. I was looking for a way that I find and play music on Spotify desktop or mobile and then with one click I can transfer the sound to my Raspberry media center. then I can control the volume and playlist seamlessly from my PC or my phone.

the solution is raspotify. all you have to do is install Raspotify on your Raspberry. then you can transfer the audio from your spotify to your media center with a click. to install it just run this command on terminal.

curl -sL | sh

or visit raspotify github page for more information.

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